Even though we have used higher town hall levels to build the town hall 9, we made sure that we have used only buildings that are available for town hall 9. These all are best th9 layouts in the world.

TH9 Base Layout in the world

If we look at the first th9 base layout design in the list of best th9 base layouts in the world. This layout has well placed archer towers in the outer compartments that covers the entire inside pat and outside part of the village. Usually I think having archer towers in second wall section is a good idea, but this layout has been designed by my friend who is a good designer, so can’t question that lol. Now this is well used idea at lower town hall having spring traps between openings of wall sections, which definitely make sure that troops go through them and jump in air.

best th9 base layout in the world


This might look entirely same as the above one but if you look it at deeper, then you can find that there is an entire one compartment without walls that is plain open. This th9 layout design can also be used for protecting dark elixir because it is guarded by tesla’s and archer queen and barbarian king in outer compartment. There are two cannons on in the bottom on each side of the base. The air defense units in the open compartment are well distributed which makes harder for air troops to clean the base. Try to switch around the dark elixir storage a bit according to your choice. One way to look at it is it can help you center the clan castle, which makes harder to lure the cc troops, but make sure there is not much dark loot in dark elixir storage.


Third th9 base layout is having wider compartments when compared to the above two of them. Well good thing about this th9 base layout is the storages are present in all four sides separately which can defend both the sides. The biggest advantage this th9 base layout has is the placement of clan castle in the center of the village.